Color Videos


Experience the spectro2guide meter

Portable spectrophotometer for Solid Colors - Color Harmony and Color Stability Control
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Touch the color with spectro2guide

Our vision has always been to create a high-tech color instrument to guarantee a top performance, but at the same time follow our customers’ wish to “Keep it Simple”. By “thinking-out-of-the-box” and working with new and innovative technologies from Design to R&D to Production that vision is now reality with the spectro2guide. Raise your expectations and be ready for the future.
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BYK-mac i – The innovative eye for effect finishes

Are you interested in total color impression of effect finishes? BYK-mac i not only measures multi-angle color, sparkle and graininess – it also detects and quantifies fluorescence in the visible range
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Experience the spectro-guide color meter

Color and Gloss in one instrument – Excellent technical performance due to state-of-the-art LED technology… Do you want to know more? Discover the spectro-guide’s key benefits.
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Calibrate the spectro-guide color meter

You only have to do it every 3 months! Learn how to calibrate your spectro-guide spectrophotometer and how to check it on a routine basis with a green checking standard.
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Compare "Sample to Standard" with spectro-guide

Can it be as simple as this? See in this video how quickly a color comparison can be done and learn how to save your measurement data.
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Recall stored or look-up closest standard with spectro-guide

How to find the closest match? Learn how the spectro-guide automatically finds the closest standard for you - or recall the standard manually.
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Customize display of spectro-guide to your color QC task

Because color measurement tasks vary, the spectro-guide has flexible capabilities. Watch this video and learn how to customize the spectro-guide to your personal needs.
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Document color and gloss data of spectro-guide in Excel

Overwhelmed by large amounts of data and their analysis? Assure yourself how easy it is to document your measurement data with the spectro-guide in pre-defined Excel QC reports.
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Experience the light booth byko-spectra effect

Interested in how your effect finishes appear under different viewing angles and lighting conditions? Learn how to objectively evaluate Color & Sparkle Travel with the standardized viewing conditions of the light booth byko-spectra effect.
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