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The objective standard for a clear view
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micro-gloss: Intelligent gloss measurement - the smart way

There are many gloss meters, but only one industry leader… the micro-gloss. Experience the features and benefits of the micro-gloss.
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Quick gloss measurement with micro-gloss

Discover the essentials! Learn the basic functions like selecting gloss geometries, performing a measurement, or saving the measured data in less than 2 minutes.
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Gloss measurement using statistics with micro-gloss

Sometimes it needs to be more detailed! Use the Statistic Mode to make sure your data is reliable and representative. Learn how to activate the Statistic Mode and how to customize your statistical analysis.
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Check gloss uniformity on large areas with micro-gloss

Size is not everything! Nevertheless, you should deal differently with large sample areas than with small ones. Experience the benefits of Continuous Mode. It was developed to simplify the measurements of large sample areas, like vinyl siding or furniture Panels.
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Compare "Sample to Standard" with micro-gloss

Need a fast decision? Evaluate your production parts with the approved standard. The micro-gloss can display the gloss difference and can indicates Pass/Fail.
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Document gloss data of micro-gloss in Excel

Nobody wants to spend too much time with data handling. Discover how easy it is to document and analyze your measurement data with the easy-link Software.
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The objective eye for orange peel
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Objective mottling control
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